One on One Physical Therapy

One on One Physical Therapy




At one on one training we treat all orthopedic injuries as well as various neurological and degenerative conditions. Our One On One care is patient-centered and customized to your needs. We help you to understand how your condition is affecting your life. We teach you to restore function and achieve your goals. We will get you back to work, back to play, and back to living. Our qualified licensed Physical Therapists utilize a functional approach to rehabilitation. Each patient is given a thorough evaluation and a treatment plan is developed based on your individual needs.

   Our licensed Physical Therapists are expertly trained in evaluation human movement and body mechanics. We specialize in identifying and detecting muscle imbalances and joint dysfunctions that lead to injury.

   Our staff is highly skilled in detecting postural imbalances, muscle weakness, flexibility concerns, joint breakdown, repetitive trauma, improper body alignment and poor functional movement patterns. At One On One we not only treat the condition, we determine the cause of the problem. Once we have established the cause, the therapist develops an extensive treatment plan consisting of manual therapy and a sound corrective exercise program. This program is geared to train the body how it is used in everyday life (or in a specific sport).

   Our therapists educate patients about their injuries and explain what to expect from their rehab process.  Patients are taught a thorough home exercise program before they are discharged giving them the tools they need for continued success.

At One On One training, our welcoming staff and positive atmosphere will help make your experience with us a pleasant one that you will tell others about.

provides Outpatient Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for:

  • Pre and Post Operative care, including Joint Replacements, Rotator Cuff Repairs, Labral repairs of the hip and shoulder, ACL Reconstructions, Menisectomies and repairs etc…
  • Sports Related Injuries (e.g. tendonitis, bursitis, strains, sprains, ACL tears, meniscus tears, Tommy John surgery etc…)
  • Neck and Back Pain (e.g. disc related issues, Radiculopathy, sciatica, and postural related conditions.)
  • Injury Prevention Programs for your weekend warrior to your professional athlete.