A personal fitness training program, one trainer, an hour of training and just you, if you are looking for all these advantages, SoFlo fitness and wellness is the address for you.

24-April-2015, US – Settled in beautiful landscape of Florida, we the team of SoFlo fitness and wellness are young and energetic professionals who provide personal fitness training. We have a bunch of such programs designed just for you to meet your wellness requirements.

In today’s scenario, personal fitness training is much more than just toning your body. Being a part of any such program is more of a fashion that is trending all-around. Moreover, personal training can help you to remain fit and well and benefit you to lead a long healthy life. The advantages of a personal wellness training do not stop here, it helps to look younger and this is sure to make you feel better. Such programs also increase the metabolism rate that help your body to get adapted to several environmental conditions. It also provides increased physical capacity.


Personal fitness training at SoFlo is an advantage to you in following manners.

  • One-on-one training: This training program has been designed to suit your personal requirements. Such sessions have a trainee and a trainer only. SoFlo training means you can have greater benefits in a short time span. This is of-course a win-win situation for you.
  • Corporate fitness training for two: This is a training program in which two people are trained. You can accompany your friend, colleagues, spouse, sibling and whosoever you wish. The trainer will work efficiently with both of you even if you have different requirements.   
  • Group training: A group training is provided to two or more people. The best part of such a session is that you can set your own time, location and number of hours. You promise us to bring people and we will provide you the workout. Our trainers keep their eye on every single person even if it is a group training.


We, the workout loving team at SoFlo can help you to get ready for sports event, for your big day or can also provide you pre and post natal fitness training. All you need to do is to get in touch with us and bring us a list of your prerequisites. Our corporate fitness trainers will design a custom program to suit all your needs.