what to look for in an online fitness training


    Choosing online workout programs is a very personal decision because everyone will want something a little different. Are you looking to get stronger or simply improve your overall health? Do you work better on your own or need more direct support? Will you follow a planned diet or just track your calories and get some general advice on healthier options? One of the services in our online personal trainer reviews should suit your personality and lifestyle. We used the following criteria to rank the best fitness programs.


    Service Effectiveness
    We tested each service on our lineup to see how it ranked in trainer reliability
    , exercise satisfaction, and the changes you should notice in a variety of areas. We took our results from a pool of participants who varied in age, gender and fitness background in order to reflect the diversity each service’s users should represent.

    The best sites have individual trainers assigned to you. Generally, the best online fitness services had trainers who replied to our test participants within 24 hours of having heard from their clients, usually through email but sometimes via phone.

    Fitness services should not only help you change how you approach health and exercise, but educate you on why the changes are beneficial. We looked for services that take into account your own health before giving you a new workout or nutritional plan. We looked for services that help clients change their overall fitness but do not interfere with other obligations. Better services provided participants with trainers that offered a combination of exercise and nutritional teaching.

    Here, we look at the overall usability of the site, focusing on how easily you can incorporate the features into your life. The site should have detailed, easy-to-understand instructions (either through your trainer or online) for each exercise and diet plan, and the instructions should keep the technical jargon to a minimum. While most of these instructions are generally provided through email or the site, a good fitness service provides tools that let you ask and then receive adequate explanations for what the service expects you to do. There should also be videos that demonstrate how to do the exercises and show you how to increase the difficulty of your workouts. Along those lines, we also looked for options that let you customize your program so that if you can’t bear the thought of another squat, you can find an option to suit you while working the same muscle group.

    We’ve considered convenience features as well, letting you know which services have cell phone, iPod or tablet apps as well as print options so you can carry your workout to the gym, into your exercise room or on your business trip.

    Motivation and Support
    Numbers motivate, especially when your progress isn’t really visible, so we’ve checked to see which services have goal trackers or measurement trackers to map your progress on endurance, body fat, even flexibility

    Very few people can succeed in any fitness program, much less an online one, without external support. That’s why we’ve looked at what each online fitness service offers by way of personal help, community support and other features like motivational programs, newsletters and podcasts. Having a dedicated personal trainer on hand not only to answer questions but to modify your program and offer support counted heavily for us in this section. We’ve also noted which online fitness services offer money back guarantees.

    Program Variety
    “One size fits all” might be a good thing in a Mumu, but not in a fitness program. People start these programs with different goals in mind. Some want to lose weight, while others want to bulk up. Some people are looking for a gradual change they can maintain for the rest of their lives, while some want an intense program that will get them at least closer to their high school weight in time for the reunion. Pregnancy motivates some women to get into shape, while others simply recognize the need for more exercise in their daily lives. In this section, we take these issues and more into consideration. Keep in mind that not all sites have specific programs for different kinds of participants, but several will create a program for your needs.

    Now that you know what our reviews are all about, take a look at the top sites we have chosen for online fitness services and see if one of them is right for you. In a matter of weeks, you might be happily surprised to see those pounds coming off and notice you’re feeling stronger, more flexible
    and healthier overall.