Workout Program: Total-Body Transformation


    It’s the perfect time to commit to making this your fittest, healthiest year yet—and we have just the guy to motivate you. Chris Powell, the trainer of ABC’s hit show Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition has mapped out an exclusive shape-up plan that guarantees lasting results.

    Weight-loss reality shows tend to operate from the same predictable template: Gather a group of heavy contestants, throw them in a gym with a tough-yet-encouraging trainer, and set them out on a pound-shedding race toward a big payoff (be it a million dollars or their dream wedding).

    Extreme Makeover breaks that mold. Over the course of an hour, you watch Chris Powell and a single client from their first meeting to the final weigh-in—365 days later. There’s no competition. No teams. No faraway ranch filled with state-of-the-art gyms. Powell’s clients have to juggle their jobs and relationships just like anyone else. And though the amount of weight they have to lose may be staggering, their struggles are relatable: They battle the same frustrating plateaus and have the same urges to give up as anyone else.


    Powell doesn’t rely on quick fixes to gain results. “Anyone can withstand a brutal month of excessive exercise and calorie restriction,” he says. “But that’s just not sustainable.” Instead, he focuses on realistic ways to fit in fitness on a regular basis, favoring do-anywhere body-weight moves and fast-paced cardio intervals. This kind of simplicity has a powerful side effect: Checking off multiple workouts a week instills confidence and makes exercise part of your lifestyle, which is the secret to lasting weight loss. “After a week of meeting your goals, you’ll feel incredible. After two weeks, you’ll consider yourself unstoppable. By the time you hit six months or a year, there will be nothing you can’t do,” says Powell.

    Get Started
    Whether you have 10 or 200 pounds to shed, this three-month plan will get you started. But we won’t bail on you there: Get three more three-month plans throughout 2014 right here. This will truly be the year you transform your body—and life!